Life’s Worth Living Project

The Life’s Worth Living project is an initiative run by the Victory Youth Group (VYG). This project was born out of a need to raise awareness of the growing trends in gun and knife crime in the UK, particularly amongst teens and young adults.

The VYG is one of the UK’s largest network of youth from all walks of life – from former gang and drug affiliates to varying traumatic and/or broken single-parent households. We have mentors who were once troubled themselves and are now in a position to assist others who struggle with what they previously struggled with. These mentors are available for one-to-one support for young people battling with any area of their lives. Over the past few months the VYG has also been working together with the metropolitan Police to tackle gun and knife crime, by taking part in a weapon sweep in Peckham, South East London. Finding many knifes during this sweep was the VYGs way of saying that ‘Life’s Worth Living’.

We believe that young people have the ability they need, with some guidance, to lead wholesome lives. Although there would have been three marches by this summer against gun and knife crime, it is important to reiterate that we believe that life’s worth living in its entirety. Regardless of what kind of past a young person has been exposed to, there is always a way to overcome the difficulties, complexes and challenges they currently face. Whether they are emotional, psychological or social problems that pose difficulties for the youth, the VYG mentors provide much-needed support and practical tips to transformation of life.

We also believe in young people using their individual talents and time wisely . The youths are encouraged to harness their skills, develop their hidden talents and maximise their potential. There are regular activities such as sporting events, performing arts and self-development workshops, at selected VYG centres across the country.